T+6 – Day 2 Frova Free – So Far

It’s only 7:30pm and I have slight pain under my eyes but I have been dealing with that since about 1:30 and it comes and goes so I am hoping that this means that I will have a second frova-free day in the past week. How amazing would that be. Wish my head was completely pain-free as I wonder and worry about the pain increasing and then having to take a frova but this is a small success.

I was thrilled to wake up pain-free this morning! I felt better than I had in ages. I slept well and I woke up well (although I always feel like I could sleep another 2 hours.)

So what do I attribute the pain-free morning to? Is it the Aimovig? Is it my awesome buckwheat pillow (which still feels quite hard and makes my ears physically ache a little) or do I attribute it to GINGER???

I came across and article yesterday (read it here) that says that research was done on the efficacy of ginger in stopping a migraine attack. It was found to be as effective as Imitrex to relieve migraine. A quarter of a tsp of ground ginger mixed in a small amount of warm water was supposed to be effective. I would have liked to read the whole scientific article but I had to pay $7.00 for 48 hours of access so I just used the Coles notes version from Migraine Again.

I decided to give it a try and had an inch of fresh ginger grated into a cup of hot water to make a strong tea. Maybe the ginger works as a preventative or lasts long enough in the body to abort a migraine as it begins while I am sleeping. Who knows. Who cares? If it works, I will take it.

So my experiment with Aimovig is not very scientific as there are too many variables: injection, pillow, and ginger. But if the combination of the three works, or if one of the three works and I’m not sure which one it is, I really don’t care as long as something works.

So if you don’t take Aimovig but you haven’t tried ginger, give it a try and let me know in the comments if it works for you. Or if you have tried it, let me know that as well. I am interested to know what the community of migraineurs has to say about it.

Imagine if after all these years, all I had to do was gnaw on a piece of ginger every night.

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T+5 – Night Triptan

When Gus, my gentle 20lb cat, scratched at the bedroom door at 4:30am this morning to be let in, I knew that I needed a triptan if I wanted to function properly today. I use a contact lens case and have a few Frovas unwrapped** in there and a travel mug full of water and they both live by the side of my bed. I used to have to get up to go to the bathroom to get my dose but I found that often I was so groggy that I wouldn’t actually get up and then by the time the alarm rang, my migraine would be in full swing and beyond catching. This way, I can deal with it as soon as I wake enough to know that I have a migraine then fall back asleep. That usually allows me to continue with my day when the alarm rings.

When I get a migraine while I sleep, I often dream that I am battling a migraine and trying to get through my day. The people in my dream will often tell me I have a migraine or I tell them that I am trying to deal with a migraine. Sometimes, a person in my dream actually puts his face up to mine and says, “wake up” and it is so startling that I do. I do wish that my dreams were more gentle in letting me know about my migraine but then I wouldn’t actually wake up I guess.

So after my 4:30am frova, I slept until 7 and then dozed until just after 8 but woke still feeling that the migraine might come back. By mid-morning that sensation had gone and the rest of the day was good.

Now it may sound like I am trying to find an excuse for my night migraine but I did eat my supper early and I did have a medium popcorn with the movie so my level of nutrition before bed was low. We also went to bed later than usual so those two things may have triggered the attack. And the CGRP is not supposed to cure 100% of migraines (I wish) so maybe this was one of the ones leftover and not because the injection hasn’t worked or the pillow hasn’t made a difference. It’s too early to give up so easily.

See you tomorrow.

**Who decided that triptans needed to be packaged in child and migraineur-proof wrapping? The little tear off corners always just rip as soon as I pull on them making the frova impossible to pop out. There I am, just wanting to crawl into a dark cold cave with a mint facemask and I am rummaging around trying to find some scissors or something to pierce the blister holding my meds. It’s not fair. They should be easy to access, not locked away like some cruel joke to see how desperate a migraineur actually is for the triptan. Obviously not a migraineur who invented that.**

T+3 – Triptans

Wish I could say I have been triptan free but I haven’t. Took a frova before bed last night and again today at 4:30pm. Almost 24 hours later so that is good but would prefer a full day with no triptan use of course.

I woke up with slight pain behind my right eye and thought about taking a frova but decided to get myself ready for work and hope that the walk to work would help. It did and the pain left, returning slightly at lunch then leaving again. But it came back after work and though I hoped it would just fade away, it didn’t so I took the frova even though I really didn’t want to. I know I would like to be frova-free but it’s not worth suffering in pain just to say, “I managed a day without frova!” Not much point if the managing means feeling like my eyeball is going to pop out.

Nights used to be my saving grace and I knew that a good night’s sleep would cure most of my migraines but for a couple of years, and more frequently recently, sleep has actually been a curse that brings a migraine a good 50% of the time. It is cruel that something that I cherish (I love a good night’s sleep) can bring such pain that I am incapable of getting out of bed in the morning. I keep reading articles about what to do to avoid morning migraines and have tried several suggestions including:

  • getting a humidifier
  • eating a snack before bed
  • going to bed and waking up at the same time

But nothing has helped so far. So now I am blaming my pillows but not the height or firmness of them (those I have changed to no avail) but the actual composition of the pillows. Maybe the ones I have are off-gassing and giving me my migraines?

I decided to invest in buckwheat pillows to see if something more natural would help with my morning migraines. They arrived today so this will be my first night with them. We used them in China when we lived there as they were cooler and more comfortable than the foam pillows and we loved them so I am excited about trying these ones. I bought a side sleeper pillow and a travel pillow for when I am overseas. Maybe this will be what I need to make my mornings migraine-free?

I’ll keep you posted…

Interested in the pillows? They come from ComfyComfy Canada.

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T+2 – Triptan

My feeling of being human was short lived and by 9pm last night, I was reaching for the ibuprofen and tylenol. This is a concoction that a doctor once told me to try so I decided to give it a shot.

The night was awful. It was one of those nights when I feel like I haven’t fallen asleep even though I must have at some point. But between 3 and 5:15, I was wide awake. I managed to doze 30 minutes before my alarm went off for work.

It almost felt as if I was waking up to see if my migraine was getting worse or better. Each time I moved, I would try to feel how I was feeling. When I got up, my head hurt like yesterday with pain under my eyes and above my eyes. I thought I would be better after a shower but no.

I had to take a frova.

Getting rid of the migraine was more important than braving it and being able to say that I was triptan free for the day. Work beckoned and I needed to answer.

I felt groggy and foggy for most of the morning but the migraine did go and while the pain threatened to return a couple of times, it did just gently ease away. Now, at 8:30pm, I am feeling a twinge of pain behind my right eye again but I am hoping that it will fade away on its own.

I do so hope that the CGRP works.

See you tomorrow.

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