T+1 – Human Again

At about 5pm this evening, I said to my husband, “I almost feel human again.” This is no small statement as I have been battling a persistent migraine since Thursday (beyond chronic – just all the time there) but now, if I dare say it, it almost feels gone. I have been taking triptans every six hours or so since Thursday and knew that I needed to break the cycle but when you feel that your head is going to explode, it’s hard to just grin and bear it and not take anything.

I had my first Aimovig injection yesterday at 12:30 and took my last frovatriptan yesterday at 1:30pm. Since then, I have taken 4 extra strength Tylenols, 3 extra strength ibuprofens, and 1 decongestant so not drug-free but the combination of drugs and the addition of time seem to have worked.

When I woke this morning, the migraine was different. Usually it feels as though a watermelon is being pushed through my right eye socket but today it was general pain under both eyes and above both eyes, almost like sinus pain (hence the decongestant). I know migraine can present as sinus (see this article in Migraine Again) but I wanted to try anything that wasn’t a triptan.

I truly just wanted one day to be triptan free.

I have been off work this week and plan to return tomorrow to the mayhem that is Middle School. It is not an easy environment to be in with chronic migraine and I have missed so many days this year that I start to wonder if I shouldn’t consider moving to something else. But I love my job and want to try anything to make it work. So now I try Aimovig.

I’ll let you know what tomorrow brings.

** photo credit: Image by Pexels from Pixabay **