T+7 – Day 3 frova-free

It’s almost 8pm and I feel like today is the first day where I have been pain-free. It is hard to believe as I kept pausing and “feeling” inside my head to see if there was anything going on but so far, so good.

Yesterday did remain frova-free but I woke up at around midnight with a band of pain below and above my eyes so I took my 2 Tylenol and 1 Ibuprofen concoction which worked as I woke up this morning with no pain.

I do want to share another “must-have” in my migraine bag of tricks which is what I call my dragon juice. I discovered it when I was living in Uganda and now I always buy several tubes to bring home. It’s a roller ball with a strong methol/mint liquid that I spread over my forehead, along my nose, under my nose, and on the back of my neck. The smell is wonderful and it is potent! Last October, when I had such a terrible migraine that I actually had to go for a shot of painkillers at the clinic, I used so much of my dragon juice that it actually burned my skin. I don’t usually use that much though and the cool and tingly sensation, added to the smell, almost masks the pain long enough for me to fall asleep. The list of ingredients on the back only adds up to 70% so I’m not sure what else is in there but sometimes not knowing is better!

Apparently Aimovig does have some side effects, the most common being tremors and constipation. I haven’t experienced any side effects so far which is awesome. There is a forum on Migraine.com where people who are using Aimovig can share their experiences and while some people have had great results, some people have had terrible side-effects. I hope that the side effects are few to none for me. You can follow that forum here.

This is the end of week 1 since my first Aimovig injection and I have had one truly pain-free day and two other days with pain but not triptan worthy pain. I would be happy with three days out of 7 being pain-free. It would be a huge improvement.

See you tomorrow.