T-0 Injection Day

So this is what I looked like last night (thanks to my husband who thought these made great photos):

While I had intended to remain triptan free, by 9:30pm, I was in agony and couldn’t sleep so reached into my drawer of goodies and tried a naratriptan which was new to me. I also had to take an anti-nauseant to keep it down. This morning I woke with pain around my eyes, like I had been punched, which gradually moved into another migraine that was treated with a frova. I don’t feel like I’ll ever get away from those.

However, at 10am, my giant box of Aimovig arrived. I have decided to name my injection Bach as I prefer the soothingness of Bach to the fiery heat of habanero (although it did burn a little as it was injected…). I’ll need to make alternate arrangements for the delivery of Bach next month as I plan on being at work because this is going to work SO WELL that I will never have to miss work again.

After unpacking the box and letting the injection come to room temperature, I decided to inject it into my thigh. The white cap did not gently slide off as the video shows, I had to pull quite hard to get it off. The injection itself was easy but I could feel some pressure and stinging as it went in. My injector clicked twice as it started and ended. The video shows the window becoming a light yellow, almost liquid filled, but in actual fact it’s a yellow plastic plunger that fills the window. There is no mistaking that the medication has been pushed in.

The injection site hurt for a while if I touched it accidentally and my leg felt like there was a light line of pain going down to my foot but that only lasted a minute or two after the injection. Overall, it was quite easy and fairly painless.

I did the injection at 12:30 and took a frova at 1:30 to clear the remaining migraine from yesterday (and the four days previous). So now I wait to see what happens. Some people say “Miracle!” and see an improvement immediately. Others see no improvement. Others still see a worsening of symptoms and a resistance to triptans. Best case scenario? My migraines are gone. But I would be happy with a reduction of 50%.

I’ll keep you posted.

Here is a video my husband did of my first injection.