My name is Erika.

Today is one day before I get my first Aimovig injection. I wanted to blog about the experience because the drug is new and not many people are necessarily using it yet so I thought maybe someone might be interested in learning how it goes. So here it is. Or at least, here it will be tomorrow.

For now, a bit of background if you are interested.

Why habanerobach? Two reasons:

  1. my husband picked it
  2. Somewhere, at some time, some poor migraineur has disclosed that she has migraines and the response has been, “Oh! My sister’s friend’s aunt has migraines and she eats three habanero peppers as soon as she feels the migraine and they go away. Have you tried that?” or “I get headaches too but I find that listening to soothing music like Bach really helps my headaches go away.” We’ve all heard something like that.

Today, I am on day 5 of a migraine that keeps coming back every 6 hours, once my Frovatriptan starts to wear off. Working on a computer is not ideal at the moment but I wanted to get this up and running to be able to blog the journey as I start my trip down Aimovig lane tomorrow. So this page needed to be built and content needed to be added.

To be fair, the migraine is a level 1 at the moment (on a scale of 1-3: still functioning, slowed down, unable to do anything) but it is there and threatening to get worse if I push it too far. I am home from work because being in an environment with 780 pre-pubescent teenagers is not very conducive to getting rid of a migraine.

I want to be drug-free before I get my first injection so the Frova that I took sometime in the middle of last night is the last one I intend to take before my injection. I know this could mean a very painful 36 hours but I want to feel the effect of the Aimovig, not the possible Aimovig + something else effect.

It is my goal to blog almost daily about the Aimovig and how it is working for me but at the same time, life happens and I may fall behind. I am also planning to share about my migraine journey from the past 35 years so that you can see how I got to where I am.

Aimovig doesn’t come easy. It’s been a long road full of failures to get to this point and I am excited and nervous about the unknown journey ahead. My biggest fear? What if it doesn’t work? But I’ll cross that bridge when I get there. For now, I am hopeful.

Thanks for joining me on this journey!