My name is Erika. I am 48 years old.

I am like no other migraine sufferer in the world. Why? Because each one of us is unique. We all suffer in different ways. I can only share my story. I have been a migraineur for over 30 years. My migraines were episodic then graduated to chronic. I have tried “everything” and I have no specific triggers except barometric changes, strong smells, and extreme hunger but those are not the only reasons I get migraines. Ultimately, my neurologist has told me that I have genetic migraines so they are just part of who I am. Some of this blog may speak to you and other may be the opposite of what you experience but I hope that by sharing my journey, especially the one with Aimovig, you can learn something new and decide if that medical journey is for you. And if nothing else, know that you are not alone.

Please note, while this page is named Aimovig 101, I am in no way associated with the drug company or have anything invested in any of the medications I speak about. I am merely sharing my experience.