T+6 – Day 2 Frova Free – So Far

It’s only 7:30pm and I have slight pain under my eyes but I have been dealing with that since about 1:30 and it comes and goes so I am hoping that this means that I will have a second frova-free day in the past week. How amazing would that be. Wish my head was completely pain-free as I wonder and worry about the pain increasing and then having to take a frova but this is a small success.

I was thrilled to wake up pain-free this morning! I felt better than I had in ages. I slept well and I woke up well (although I always feel like I could sleep another 2 hours.)

So what do I attribute the pain-free morning to? Is it the Aimovig? Is it my awesome buckwheat pillow (which still feels quite hard and makes my ears physically ache a little) or do I attribute it to GINGER???

I came across and article yesterday (read it here) that says that research was done on the efficacy of ginger in stopping a migraine attack. It was found to be as effective as Imitrex to relieve migraine. A quarter of a tsp of ground ginger mixed in a small amount of warm water was supposed to be effective. I would have liked to read the whole scientific article but I had to pay $7.00 for 48 hours of access so I just used the Coles notes version from Migraine Again.

I decided to give it a try and had an inch of fresh ginger grated into a cup of hot water to make a strong tea. Maybe the ginger works as a preventative or lasts long enough in the body to abort a migraine as it begins while I am sleeping. Who knows. Who cares? If it works, I will take it.

So my experiment with Aimovig is not very scientific as there are too many variables: injection, pillow, and ginger. But if the combination of the three works, or if one of the three works and I’m not sure which one it is, I really don’t care as long as something works.

So if you don’t take Aimovig but you haven’t tried ginger, give it a try and let me know in the comments if it works for you. Or if you have tried it, let me know that as well. I am interested to know what the community of migraineurs has to say about it.

Imagine if after all these years, all I had to do was gnaw on a piece of ginger every night.

Image credit: Image by siala from Pixabay

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